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Monday 9th April 2007
Paradiso in Amsterdam, Netherlands
As I walk into Amsterdam's famous Paradiso venue on an unseasonably hot Easter Monday afternoon around 3pm, apart from festivals, I can't recall ever attending a gig this early in the day. The Deftones can be heard soundchecking in the main auditorium in preparation for their evening show while, this afternoon, Leaves' Eyes occupy the far smaller hall upstairs which is around three quarters full. Having a spare day during their European tour supporting American power metallers Kamelot, Leaves' Eyes appear on stage just after 4pm to rapturous applause and cheers from an enthusiastic Dutch crowd. Although vocalist Liv Kristine Espenęs Krull occasionally states how hot it's becoming, even early on, the band deliver an energetic performance as they play a large portion of songs from their back catalogue. While not on stage for the entire set, Kristine's husband, and Atrocity frontman, Alexander Krull appears for the songs on which his characteristic death growls feature, and does a good job at encouraging lively responses from the audience. Leaves' Eyes look like they're enjoying every minute of their performance and, as good as their recent ProgPower UK show was, I find them to be a far more gratifying live experience this afternoon. After well over an hour on stage, the band finish with their final encore song as Kristine invites the crowd to request what track that should be. Although I'm sure I hear someone shout 'Nymphetamine' (!!), the predominant response, rather predictably, is 'Elegy'. Leaves' Eyes oblige by playing the song, then leave the stage to huge cheers. A great performance from a band whose popularity is ever increasing.
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