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Friday 29th June 2007
Drill Hall in Lincoln, UK
With the venue just over half full tonight, it's a pity more people didn't make an effort to attend, as those present in Lincoln's Drill Hall witness a flawless musical performance from this extremely talented and unique band. Taking to the stage just after 8pm, Mostly Autumn commence proceedings with the up-tempo 'Caught in a Fold' from 2003 album 'Passengers'. Playing for around 2 hours with the usual mid-way interval, their set predictably favours latest release 'Heart Full of Sky', although also incorporates perpetual fan favourites such as 'Evergreen' and 'The Spirit of Autumn Past'. From new material, the highlight for me is indubitably keyboardist/guitarist Chris Johnson's poignant composition 'Silver Glass' with its shift from keyboard-led opening bars and his affectively moving vocals to a build in emotive musical intensities incorporating both clever vocal harmonies and Bryan Josh's expressive Gilmour-esque lead guitar work. Heather Findlay impresses this evening and pre-encore set closer 'Carpe Diem' from 2005's 'Storms Over Still Water' showcases her wide ranging vocal abilities from passages of beautiful serenity to passionately delivered singing. Backing vocalist Livvy Sparnenn adds depth to many of the songs with her skilled harmonising, and her 'sing-off' with Josh's guitar licks towards the end of the set are captivating to behold. Angela Gordon's on form with her flute/keyboard playing, while bassist Andy Smith and recently recruited drummer Gavin Griffiths form a tight rthym section while sustaining dynamic performances. Mostly Autumn are musically faultless tonight which is aided by a crisp and clear mix through the PA with well balanced levels throughout. However, while the rest of the band are fairly animated and appear to be enjoying performing, Josh seems uncharacteristically subdued on stage. Musically, both vocally and guitar-wise, he is flawless, though looks incredibly tired and his usually amusing banter with the audience and fellow band members is kept to a minimum. Their set ends with two encore songs - 'Broken' from the latest album, which Findlay dedictates to their departed friend Charlie Jones, and 'Heroes Never Die'. The band then take a collective bow, and leave the stage to ubiquitous cheers and applause from an evidently satisfied crowd. Very impressive.
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