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Sabbat - 'Mourning Has Broken'
Tracklist: 1) The Demise of History; 2) Theological Void; 3) Paint the World Black; 4) Dumbstruck; 5) The Voice of Time; 6) Dreamscape; 7) Without a Trace; 8) Mourning Has Broken
Album - Noise Records, 1991
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Kinetic Dissent - 'I Will Fight No More Forever'
Tracklist: 1) Cults of Unreason; 2) Banished; 3) Melanin; 4) 12 Angry Men; 5) Social Syndrome; 6) I Will Fight No More Forever; 7) Novocaine Response; 8) Testing Ground; 9) Reworked
Album - Roadracer Records, 1991
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